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Although independent security evaluation is crucial to implementing security in a trusted manner, considering that any smart device connected to the internet is exposed, and at risk, consistent testing by trusted third parties is not yet the norm in the IoT industry.  In order for the IoT to succeed, developers as well as consumers need to be able to trust the level of security of their devices: trust in connected devices can only accelerate IoT deployments.

PSA Certified is an industry-driven initiative, advocating the use of independent third-party testing as the norm for building trust across the entire IoT ecosystem. This multilevel scheme was designed for silicon vendors to server as evidence for the level of security they need for their use cases. It helps IP vendors, Software vendors and OEM manufacturers, understanding and communicating the security functionality in their products.

Brightsight is founding member of and an accredited lab for the PSA Certified programme. With our extensive experience (click here for an overview of all PSA Certified products) and knowledge of security evaluations, we are a reliable partner to improve the security of your product and get it PSA certified. Improving the security of IoT devices through independent testing helps building trust in the IoT; this, in turn, will build trust in valuable IoT services on which successful businesses can be built. Trust, in other words, builds value.

Brightsight provides services for:

  • PSA Certified Level 1
  • PSA Certified Level 2
  • PSA Level 2 ready pre-evaluation
  • PSA Certified Level 3"

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Some case studies and partner showcases from PSA Certified companies after security testing was completed by us:
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