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Mobile payment solutions increasingly gaining traction in the industry, and we see more and more deployments. Brightsight is deeply involved in this domain and up to date with the latest developments via the numerous mobile payment security evaluations we perform. Our experts can help you find your way in this fairly new technological domain, which is rapidly evolving and full of challenges.

Brightsight offers security evaluations for different types of mobile payment solutions:

  • Payment issuing
    • HCE
    • Cloud based payments
    • EMVCo (CDCVM, TEE)
  • Payment acquiring
    • PCI SPoC (to accept payments) and PCI CPoC (to protect codes) 
    • mPOS Tap-to-Phone (evaluated under Visa and Mastercard, with optional PIN)

Our broad portfolio of accreditations ensures that we can help you in any area of Mobile Payment. Our current list of accreditations includes:
  • Visa Ready accreditation for Cloud Based Payments
  • MasterCard accreditation for Cloud Based Payments;
  • American Express Cloud Based Payment accreditation;
  • Interac (Canada) accreditation
  • Global Platform (GP) accreditation
  • PCI accreditation
  • EMVCo accreditation
  • TROY accreditation

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Mobile payment accreditations & schemes