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Bright Insight Podcast - Episode 05 - Common Criteria (Introduction)

08.04.21 03:52 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)
Common Criteria is the most widely recognised and comprehensive IT security standard in the world. In this episode, we introduce Common Criteria and its terminology.

Bright Insight Podcast - Episode 04 - SESIPĀ 

01.04.21 03:16 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)
This episode explains what a Certification Body is, how SESIP was created and where SESIP is going next after it has been adopted by GlobalPlatform.

Bright Insight Podcast - Episode 03 - PSA Certified

25.03.21 02:41 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)
In this episode, we're discussing perspectives on the PSA Certified Security Report 2021 "Bridging the Gap"

Bright Insight Podcast - Episode 02 - EU Cybersecurity Act

18.03.21 04:33 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)

In this episode, we introduce and discuss the EU Cybersecurity Act. We're giving answers to questions such as: What is the Cybersecurity act? What is its impact on our lives as consumers as well as businesses? And what are the latest certification and evaluation requirements in the Cybersecurit...

Bright Insight Podcast - Episode 01 - Brightsight

11.03.21 12:27 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)

Welcome to the first episode of Bright Insight! 

In this episode, we will introduce you to Brightsight, the number one security lab in the world.