Brightsight: Eurosmart board member

23.03.21 01:41 PM By Brightsight

Delft, 23 March 2021. Brightsight has been elected as a board member of Eurosmart with Carlos Serratos, Senior Director Strategy, Policy and Advocacy, in a representative and administrator role.


Brightsight is proud to contribute to the Eurosmart association, representing the TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification) community. Brightsight is a long time Eurosmart contributor, with a shared history of collaboration extending several years in technical and expert groups in the high-end security domain. Brightsight brings years of experience and best practices of the latest cybersecurity developments in emerging IoT markets, from technology and policy perspectives, contributing with a unique perspective to the Eurosmart community. 


About Eurosmart

The Eurosmart association advocates for a high level of security in digital interactions. The association promotes security technologies designed to combat fraud and safely manage digital identities while protecting consumers and citizens’ right for privacy.

In order to achieve this, Eurosmart gathers technological experts in different industries, such as semiconductor, smart cards, systems on chip, high security hardware and terminals, system integrators and biometric solutions.

About Brightsight

Brightsight is the largest independent security evaluation lab in the world, with over 35 years of experience in evaluating IT products in different industries and an extensive list of accreditations. Brightsight helps customers getting their products ready to market in time, and in compliance with the latest cybersecurity regulations and requirements.

As a Eurosmart member, Brightsight is part of the security evaluation ecosystem, contributing to the development of the European cybersecurity resilience.

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