Brightsight performs evaluation of first harmonized European Protection Profile for Smart Meters

15.01.20 09:29 AM By Brightsight

Delft, 15 January 2020. Brightsight is proud to have performed the evaluation of the first harmonized European Protection Profile for Smart Meter Security requirements. The Protection Profile is now officially certified under Common Criteria by the Dutch certification body NSCIB. The requirements for the Protection Profile were developed by the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Coordination Group for Smart Meters with the support of the European Smart Meter Industry Group (ESMIG). 

The Protection Profile will provide the basis for security certification of smart meters in Europe. It enables the mutual recognition of certificates by multiple EU member states. Member states or their relevant national regulators can use this Protection Profile to hold smart meter vendors to a common baseline set of security requirements based on an industry standard. Countries with an existing national smart meter certification programme get access to a larger number of vendors by adopting this baseline set of requirements , to which they can add their country-specific requirements. This approach helps prepare the European landscape for cross-border grid security, reduces the costs for certification, and accelerates the digitalization process.

Willem Strabbing, Managing Director of ESMIG indicates: “Although currently every country is free to choose if and how they want to have their meters certified, we strongly advise to make use of the European approach in order to avoid further fragmentation and realise a substantial cost decrease for end-users.”

"As we did the evaluation of this PP, we can perform security evaluations with the same kind of requirements with a quick turnaround time," says Silke Mergler, Director Business Development at Brightsight. 

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