CEC Huada Electronics Design Co, Ltd. achieves SOGIS EAL6+ certificate within 3 months of applying to the Dutch Common Criteria scheme (NSCIB)

18.11.20 11:46 AM By Brightsight

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Delft, 18 November 2020. Brightsight would like to congratulate CEC Huada Electronics Design Co, Ltd. ("HED") on obtaining a Common Criteria (CC) EAL6+ certificate within 3 months of applying. The certificate was issued by the Dutch CC scheme (NSCIB), and covers HED's chip CIU9872B_01 C14. 

HED is China's leading security chip supplier in the field of network security and informatization. HED chips are distributed globally. The company's main business includes smart cards, IoT security and automotive electronic security chips. 

"Obtaining this certificate is a major milestone for HED, since NSCIB EAL6+ is the highest level of security for smart card IC products. Brightsight and HED have already been working together for 10 years, as Brightsight's evaluation methodology seamlessly matches HED's product development phase. This was possible because of the deep understanding of Chinese business, culture, and language of Brightsight. Brightsight's service and time-to-certificate mentalities are critical to our business.", says Chang Feng, CEO of CEC Huada.


"We're proud to have achieved Brightsight's first SOGIS EAL6+ certificate for the Chinese market. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to do the delta EAL5+ to EAL6+ evaluation for HED in record speed: in just 3 months. This is what can be achieved when professionals working with each other. We look forward to continuing our partnership to explore the possibilities as our evaluation methodology and planning perfectly suit HED's product life cycle.", says Kai-Fan Chang, General Manager Brightsight China.


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