Brightsight realised first ever EAL4+ CC Certificate for Singaporean Scheme CSA

30.09.19 08:58 AM By Brightsight

Brightsight is the first security lab that realised a level EAL4+ Common Criteria (CC) Certificate for the Singaporean Scheme CSA. After CSA received the official accreditation (authorizing status), Brightsight uniquely performed a successful evaluation on level EAL4+. The first CSA EAL4+ CC Certificate is obtained by Utimaco IS GmbH.

CC Evaluations at Brightsight

Common Criteria is the most recognized and comprehensive IT security standard in the world that can be used to certify any IT system or device providing security functions. Brightsight can support you at any stage of development as we have a proven concept and track record in getting certifications. Brightsight performs evaluations at all security levels under supervision of the CC Schemes in The Netherlands (NSCIB), Germany (BSI), Japan (IPA), Norway (SERTIT), Turkey (TSE) and Singapore (CSA).

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