ETSI welcomes Brightsight to the World of Standards

24.12.19 10:29 AM By Brightsight

Brightsight is now a member of ETSI, a world-leading standards developing organization for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). ETSI is recognized by the European Union as one of the 3 European Standardization Organizations (ESO), fulfilling European and global market needs. In addition, ETSI is a founding partner of 3GPP (a mobile broadband standard for 5G) and oneM2M (standards for Machine to Machine communications and the Internet of Things). 

TC Cyber is one of the most security focused technical commitees in ETSI. In addition to TC CYBER, other ETSI groups also work on standards for cross-domain cybersecurity, the security of infrastructures, devices, services and protocols, and security tools and techniques.

As a trusted, independent third party, Brightsight is a renowned player in the security evaluation market due to the high quality of its technical reports, which are recognized and accepted by multiple certification bodies worldwide; making of Brightsight “the number one security lab in the world” by the number of product security certifications, and number of international accreditations. By becoming an ETSI member, Brightsight also joined Technical Committee (TC) CYBER (Cybersecurity) for supporting the development of Cybersecurity standardization solutions. Brightsight will actively involve in TC CYBER projects, aiming at making best technical solutions in the standards in the areas of protecting data and communication, IoT Security and privacy, cybersecurity for critical infrastructures, support to EU legislations and cybersecurity tools, among other activities in line with the objectives of TC Cyber.