SESIP, the newest member of the GlobalPlatform & Cyber Security toolbox

24.03.20 11:12 AM By Brightsight

Delft, 24 March 2020: Brightsight is proud to announce GlobalPlatform's launch of SESIP, the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms, as part of GlobalPlatform's Cyber Security toolbox. Brightsight is a founding member of SESIP and the very first lab licensed by TrustCB to perform SESIP evaluations.

SESIP began as a project*, initiated by several key players in the security industry looking to optimize security evaluations for IoT devices using ISO 15408, also known as the Common Criteria. Introduced in December 2018, SESIP aims to perform security evaluations of the IoT platforms, the software and hardware components and their combinations, used by IoT developers to build products. It's a powerful evaluation tool that helps developers by making the security functionality of these platforms visible in such a way that IoT developers can re-use this information for different use cases like compliance, risk management and accountability.

Brightsight performed several SESIP evaluations in the past year. By entering GlobalPlatform, SESIP becomes part of the international industry standards. "We're happy to see international market adoption of taking SESIP by its becoming part of GlobalPlatform and we're looking forward to new developments", says Dirk-Jan Out, CEO of Brightsight. 

GlobalPlatform is a non-profit industry association driven by more than 100 service providers and device manufacturers. Its goal is to create a standardized framework, to ensure that devices are secure enough to protect against threats and attacks. GlobalPlatform has 20 years of experience in implementing more than 150 established standards.