SGS Launches New Certification Service Against Eurosmarts Secure Sub-System in System-On-Chip Protection Profile (PP-0117) 

02.05.22 10:19 AM By Brightsight

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has expanded its certification services to launch ‘PP-0117 Protection Profile for Secure Sub-System in System-on-Chip (3S in SoC).’ 


This certification has been developed by the  IT and Security Committee (ITSC) of Eurosmart and certified by BSI, the German Federal Office for Information Security, following its evaluation by SGS Brightsight, the world’s number one security lab. 


SGS is the first organization with approval to deliver this new certification, which responds to a growing need across the industry to evaluate the cybersecurity of connected devices. Until now, the industry has lacked a Protection Profile (PP) able to address multiple aspects related to the integration of security functions into the SoC. 


“Congratulations to our team of experts at SGS Brightsight’s lab.  As a member of ITSC, representing the TIC community on the board, the team’s commitment to the development and evaluation of this new Protection Profile has been instrumental towards today’s launch of this new certification. We are seeing how a trend towards SoC integration across the industry is being driven by a desire to reduce costs. We are delighted to support manufacturers and retailers in achieving this new certification” says Olaf Tettero, CTO of SGS Brightsight. 


PP-0117 fully conforms to  the PP-0084 Protection Profile for the certification of secure elements under Common Criteria. It addresses the trend in modern SoC and Microcontrollers (MCU) to integrate advanced security functions, and addresses SoC integration with secure enclaves of different form factors, such as eSIM or UICC The Target of Evaluation (TOE) is a Secure Sub-System (3S) integrated in a System on Chip (SoC). The 3S provides its security features and security services isolated from the remaining SoC components and may rely on external memories. The 3S is defined either as a hard macro or as a programmable logic (PL) macro. 


Cybersecurity at SGS Brightsight 

Products falling within scope of this certification scheme relate to the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, healthcare, smart energy, smart buildings, telecommunication, mobile devices and automotive. In addition, SGS also offers cybersecurity services, relating to systems and networks.. 


Today’s announcement shows SGS’s commitment and leadership in cybersecurity in the Testing Inspection and Certification world.