Brightsight receives accreditation by Common Criteria Scheme Turkish Standards Institution

26.01.16 11:08 AM By Brightsight - Comment(s)
Delft, 26th of January 2016: Brightsight is proud to announce that as of the 22nd of January they are accredited to perform Common Criteria (CC) security evaluations on behalf of the Turkish Standards Institution. 

Brightsight presents improvements on the 16th International Common Criteria Conference

09.08.15 01:05 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)
Brightsight is present on the International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC) as always with a number of presentations. Brightsight values the discussions on the ICCC as they bring the CC community further. We see the Common Criteria as an important international means to establish the value of prod...

Brightsight joins GlobalPlatform

09.12.14 02:42 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)
Brightsight recently joined GlobalPlatform as a participating member. GlobalPlatform, the association that standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology, has a central role in specifications of e.g. Secure Elements (SE) and Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for products su...

Brightsight is accredited by the Japanese Scheme IPA

06.08.14 04:42 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)
JISEC, the Japanese Information Technology Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme set up by IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency) has accredited Brightsight to be one of their IT Hardware Evaluation Facilities. Brightsight is pleased and honored with this recognition to be accredited ...