Brightsight Barcelona has been officially opened on the 20th of July 2017

published on July 24, 2017

The opening of the Brightsight Barcelona was held on Thursday the 20th of July 2017. The festive opening was held at our office in Barcelona. Customers, schemes, the local government and other stakeholders were there to celebrate the opening with us. During the celebration we spoke about our future plans in Barcelona and the relationship with our office in Delft, The Netherlands. We would like to thank all the guests for coming and are looking forward to many more years of working together.

Xavier Vilarrubla, General Manager Brightsight Barcelona, says: “The festive opening was a great opportunity to talk to all the stakeholders. I am very pleased with the positive response we got during the celebration on our future plans. The opening of the lab will increase our business growth in a higher pace.”

We opened a lab in Barcelona to maintain our interactive relationship with our customers in the area even more efficient and because of the booming emerging markets there. The lab in Barcelona is also a great opportunity to expand our capacity in Europe.

While setting up a lab in Barcelona, we acquired Bitwise. Bitwise is set up by senior security analysts with years of experience. Bitwise has a strong background on hardware and software security fields, especially applied on banking and identification. The collaboration between Brightsight and Bitwise has opened a lot of doors for both parties.

For more information about our services in Barcelona, please contact our general manager Brightsight Barcelona, Xavier Vilarrubla:

For more information about our services worldwide, please click here.


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