Brightsight opens security evaluation lab in Barcelona, Spain

published on July 17, 2017

Delft, 17th of July: Brightsight is proud to announce that they are expanding their business by opening a security lab in Barcelona.

Brightsight Barcelona will be officially opened and operating as of the 24th of July as a subsidiary company of Brightsight B.V.

One of the advantages of having a lab in Barcelona is that the area is booming in emerging technologies. The people studying and working there are very knowledgeable and talented, which is interesting for Brightsight in hiring new colleagues in the upcoming years. Besides that, Brightsight maintains their interactive relationship with their many customers located in the Barcelona area even more efficient by being located closer to them.

To maintain its quality while increasing its reach as the number one lab in the world, Brightsight acquired Bitwise. Bitwise is set up by senior security analysts who have experience working with local and international key players, just like Brightsight. Bitwise has a strong background on hardware and software security fields, especially applied on banking and identification. Brightsight and Bitwise meet each other in their ideals: delivering top class quality work on time, state-of-the-art security analysis, flexibility to effectively adapt to the changing needs of the customers during the projects life-cycles and up-to-date knowledge about the different schemes and the certification processes.

Dirk-Jan Out, CEO at Brightsight, says: “We are very proud to open a lab in Barcelona and getting Bitwise collaboration. It’s a great opportunity to expand our capacity in Europe. The opening will create more opportunities for our valued customers and will increase our business growth in a higher pace.”

Sergi Casanova, senior security analysist and co-founder of Bitwise, says: “Working together with Brightsight in Barcelona represents a great opportunity for us. We know we are joining an excellent team with huge human qualities and also plenty of expertise. We are sure we will help making Brightsight even a stronger company by bringing our knowledge, capacity and technical competence.”

Earlier this year, Brightsight also opened a security lab in Beijing, China. The lab in Barcelona is their third premises around the globe, expanding their worldwide footprint.

Brightsight is looking forward to the upcoming successful years in Barcelona!

For more information about our services in Barcelona, please contact our General Manager Brightsight Barcelona, Xavier Vilarrubla:


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