Brightsight PCI SPoC Seminar – 12th of June 2018

published on May 31, 2018

On the 12th of June we are organising a PCI SpoC Seminar in Shanghai. This seminar will be given in Chinese.

  • Software Based Security programs and relations
  • Changing landscape of payment products and solutions
  • Different Mobile Payment based security programs
    • QR-code security demands;
    • 3DS security demands;
    • CDCVM security demands;
    • mPOS security demands;
    • SPoC security demands;
  • SPoC overview of the program and requirements SPoC
    • SPoC: differences compared with PTS
      • Solution certification;
    • SPoC: full overview
      • Identification components;
      • Responsibilities different components;
      • High level transaction flow;
    • SCRP security demands, what is needed beyond PTS SCR
    • COTS device modules COTS
      • Platform demands;
      • PIN CVM:
        • Expected security measures;
      • Monitor;
    • Back-end
      • High level architecture;
      • Security demands;

For more information about the seminar and contact info, click here!


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