Change in management of Brightsight

published on July 31, 2017

Delft, 31th of July: Senior Vice President (SVP) of Systems and Devices, Olaf Tettero, will from now on operate as the CTO of Brightsight. Wim Seinen takes over his tasks in becoming the new SVP of Systems and Devices.

Due to Brightsight’s fast expansion and multiple opportunities to strengthen the methodologies Brightsight uses, the role of a CTO became more and more important. Olaf Tettero will focus on Brightsight’s evaluation methodologies and security requirements. In this way Brightsight keeps even better up-to-date with changing requirements of the schemes, both requirements and methodologies. Olaf Tettero will make sure that there is a good balance between the interests of all stakeholders. Customers will benefit from this as it is important that the evaluations are supported within their time-to-market and processes.

Dirk-Jan Out, CEO at Brightsight, says: “Olaf Tettero has over 20 years of experience in IT security. He was actively involved in bringing Common Criteria (CC) evaluation services to the Netherlands and expanding Brightsight’s accreditation to multiple CC Schemes. He has had a key role within Brightsight for years. His years of experience and dedication to Brightsight, makes me confident that he will fulfill the role as CTO very well.”

“Wim Seinen has over 30 years of experience in varied backgrounds. He will make sure that the Systems and Devices department within Brightsight will be ready to grow along with the business growth of Brightsight.”, says Olaf Tettero.“I’ve proudly been SVP of Systems and Devices for many years and I am certain that Wim Seinen will do a good job in leading this fast growing department.”

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