First PCI PTS v5.0 approval issued for terminal developer from Greater China

published on March 6, 2017

Delft, 6th of March 2017: Brightsight is proud to announce that the first PCI PTS v5.0 approval in Greater China is issued for Fujian Newland Payment Technology. The approval is issued for the N910.

Brightsight considers it an honour to be selected by Fujian Newland Payment Technology for performing the PCI PTS v5.0 security evaluation for the N910. The N910 payment terminal is based on the latest technology available in the market and is android driven, the user data entry interface is realized with a touchscreen.

Fujian Newland is the 3rd biggest terminal developer in the world. They are always an early adopter of the latest PCI PTS requirements. Fujian Newland is the first company in Greater China who received a PCI PTS v5.0 approval. They were also the first Chinese company that received a PCI PTS v4.0 approval about three years ago. These approvals were both issued on basis of a Brightsight security evaluation report.

Brightsight and Fujian Newland have been working together for quit some years. Brightsight is pleased and honoured to have been selected by Fujian Newland as their security laboratory to perform these PCI PTS evaluations. Brightsight congratulates Fujian Newland on this important milestone.

Brightsight has over 30 years of experience in the security evaluation of electronic payment-related products as well as many other types of evaluations. Besides security evaluations, the company offers training courses, pre-evaluation services and site audits. Brightsight’s main objective is to avoid any delay in time to market while working as efficient and transparent as possible.


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