My Kettle Hacked What?

published on November 21, 2018

Following an overwhelming positive reaction to the white paper published in March “ASSESSING THE SECURITY OF “SIMPLE” IOT DEVICES – PART 1”, Brightsight has been invited by the IEEE team to publish an article expressing the ideas of that whitepaper to a larger audience.

“My Kettle Hacked What?!” is an article published in the IEEE IoT Newsletter for the November’s edition. On this article Dirk-Jan Out (CEO at Brightsight), Carlos Serratos (Director Business Development at Brightsight), and Wouter Slegers (CEO at TrustCB) make the case for the need of security measures on any IoT device, even the most-simple ones as it is the case of the Smart Kettle. Exploring the complexity and challenges around IoT security, the authors present a simple and yet effective concept on how to make the IoT devices a bit more secure.

Read the article here, on the IEEE website.


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published on 2019.02.26