Common Criteria Course (two days)

published on October 25, 2016

Brief introduction

Common Criteria (ISO 17025) is the most widely used IT standard for evaluating and certifying products such as smart cards and other devices that implement security functionality. CC certificates are recognized by all 26 member nations of the CCRA (Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement).

Course objectives

The goal of the course is to give you an introduction to and basic understanding of the Common Criteria in terms of structure, terminology and use, enabling participants to:

  • Determine the steps to getting a product CC certified and creating the required CC documentation;
  • Understand the impact of having your CC product certified on the development process and environment.


  • The CC standard and its terminology;
  • CC history and relationship to other evaluation standards;
  • The (hidden) structures of the CC standard;
  • The application of the CC standard in terms of:
    • Steps & roles involved in CC evaluation and certification;
    • Recognition of CC certificates and Assurance Levels;
    • Different certification bodies and labs;
    • Cost and effort involved in a CC evaluation.
  • Details of Common Criteria:
    • Requirements for specifying product functionality;
    • Requirements for product documentation and development/production environment;
    • Assurance Levels;
    • Security Targets & Protection Profiles.


The hands-on training included uses well-known devices to ensure easy understanding for all participants. Examples will be tailored to the participants’ line of business.

The training will take about two days.

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Common Criteria Course (two days)

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