Host Card Emulation Course (one day)

published on October 25, 2016

Brief introduction

The landscape of electronic payments is changing rapidly due to the fast introduction of new technologies and capabilities of mobile devices. Several mobile payment software solutions are currently replacing dedicated secure hardware solutions. Brightsight offers a state-of-the-art training course in cloud based payment with a focus on Host Card Emulation.

Course objectives

To provide a high-level overview of Cloud Based Payment, particularly HCE. More detailed course topics can be added on request.


  • A general introduction to and explanation of Host Card Emulation;
  • The characteristics of HCE solutions, with a strong focus on security of the mobile application;
  • Common security aspects as well as known pitfalls and applicable attack vectors;
  • Android;
  • White Box Crypto (WBC);
  • Code Obfuscation Techniques;
  • Trusted Execution Environments (TEE);
  • Demo on penetration testing;
  • Security requirements of different schemes, which are generally similar but differ in detail.


The training will take about one day.

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Host Card Emulation Course (one day)

Takes place on: One day

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