World’s first unattended outdoor payment terminal received a PCI PTS v5.0 approval

published on February 16, 2017

Delft, 16th of February: Brightsight is proud to announce that the first outdoor payment terminal received a PCI PTS v5.x approval, based on a Brightsight security evaluation report.

Tokheim received a PCI PTS v5.0 approval for their Crypto VGA v2.1. This is the very first PCI PTS v5.0 approval for an unattended outdoor payment terminal. The Crypto VGA v2.1 of Tokheim is an advanced and tailored outdoor payment system with a revolutionary touchscreen that makes payments faster and easier.

Tokheim is a leading innovative manufacturer of (unattended) fuel dispensing and automation equipment. In addition to payment terminals, Tokheim offers customers a complete range of fuel dispensers and pumps, retail automation systems, media devices, replacement parts and upgrade kits.

It is the second approval in a row since the recent publication of the new version of PCI PTS. Both approvals are issued based on a security evaluation performed by Brightsight. Brightsight is proud to be selected by Tokheim for this highly significant security evaluation and congratulates Tokheim with this exceptional milestone. What it shows is Tokheim’s trust in our high quality security evaluation services.

Brightsight, known for their knowledge and expertise, has over 30 years of experience in security evaluations of electronic payment products as well as many other types of IT products. Next to security evaluations including site audits, Brightsight offers training courses and pre-evaluation services. While working closely with the developer, Brightsight plans and confers to increase security assurance while reducing time to market and costs.


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