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SGS Brightsight is a digital security partner of nuSIM, the integrated SIM for the Internet of Things. nuSIM is a new approach to integrated SIM technology in which simplicity, cost efficiency and low power consumption are key. Typically, IoT devices need a SIM card to stay connected to the network and to transmit data. Traditional SIM cards are small IC chips that take up space in the device, require additional power, and are prone to water and dirt damage as they are installed through a movable slot. This is why nuSIM as an integrated solution is suitable for compact devices with a long battery life requirement, such as parking sensors, smart trash bins or trackers.


Although the security level of nuSIM is not as high as the eSIM or iSIM solutions certified with Common Criteria methodology at EAL4+ or above, it provides a level of security that is sufficient for edge devices without much computational power. 


As a digital security partner, SGS Brightsight is able to perform nuSIM security evaluations. SGS Brightsight continuously cooperates with Deutsche Telekom (programme owner) and TUViT (certification body) to make the nuSIM programme more versatile and attractive. If you would like to know more about nuSIM or if you are interested in having your product evaluated according to nuSIM requirements, please contact us via