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The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) is the national agency that provides dedicated and centralised oversight of national cybersecurity functions in Singapore.

Singapore’s cybersecurity strategy aims to create a resilient and trusted digital environment to facilitate a ‘smart nation’. As businesses and individuals are keen to harness the power of technology at work and play, new technology products are constantly coming to market. CSA offers and supports the use of certification schemes to assure customers that a product has been objectively assessed to be more cyber-secure and has adopted a security-by-design approach throughout the product life cycle. 

SGS Brightsight is an approved laboratory under the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme, Singapore Common Criteria Scheme and National IT Evaluation Scheme. Through these schemes, companies can demonstrate the security of their product, benchmarked against international standards. 

Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS)

The CSA launched the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS) for the labelling of network-connected consumer smart devices, to enable consumers to discern the security levels of these devices and make more informed purchasing decisions. In addition, the label can help manufacturers differentiate their products in the market and reduce costs of compliance across nations through mutual recognition.

The CLS is the first scheme in Asia-Pacific that seeks to provide greater transparency in the security of IoT devices using a four-tier rating label:

Tier 1) Meeting basic security requirements
Tier 2) Adherence to the principles of security-by-design
Tier 3) Absence of known common software vulnerabilities
Tier 4) Resistance against common cyber attacks

Singapore Common Criteria Scheme (SCCS)

The CSA established the Singapore Common Criteria Scheme (SCCS) for the certification of commercial IT products targeting the international marketplace.

National IT Evaluation Scheme (NITES)

The National IT Evaluation Scheme (NITES) is for the evaluation and certification of IT products that meet high-assurance requirements for Singapore government agencies.