SGS Brightsight offers security solutions including security evaluations and training courses across various key industries.  

Our efforts range from pre-evaluation (design, architecture and testing during product development) to final evaluation for certification. 

Brightsight - Automotive


The rise of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and Connected Cars (CCs) is bringing new challenges to the automotive industry. 

Security evaluations can be applied to the different trust domains in this market. 

Brightsight - IoT


The past years have shown that there are still vulnerabilities in the security of IoT devices. In order for the IoT to succeed, developers as well as consumers need to be able to trust the level of security of these devices.

Brightsight - Space


The SGS Brightsight Space Team is specialised in secure 

telecommunication, network and key management has been screened to work with EU classified information and other highly sensitive domains.

Brightsight - Industrial


SGS Brightsight can help you with security solutions for your gateways and end devices. 

We have expertise in applying CC evaluations according to the ESMIG Smart Meter Protection Profile, IEC 62443 and SCADA

Brightsight - Energy


The smart grid is the ultimate-grade critical infrastructure. It is not only used for electricity, but also functions as a data network. With the risk of high-profile attacks comes the need for in-depth threat modelling and protection.   

Brightsight - Medical


Your high-risk medical devices can be security certified at high assurance levels by using security evaluation schemes such as DTSec, Common Criteria and IEC 62304

Brightsight - Government ID

Government ID

SGS Brightsight can support you with eIDAS (eIDAS remote electronic signatures and eIDAS electronic seals), ID (passports and signatures) and national government programmes (e.g. BSPA and LINCE).

Brightsight - Payment


SGS Brightsight has security expertise in contact and contactless payment solutions (mobile payment, payment terminals and payment cards). As time-to-market is critical in this domain, we offer tailored services to address your specific needs.

Brightsight - IC


We can support you with security certification for your integrated circuits, smart cardsSoft IPSoC and IIoT products. SGS Brightsight evaluates these products against Common CriteriaEMVCo

SESIP and PSA Certified requirements. 
Brightsight - Soft IP

Soft IP

SGS Brightsight offers evaluation related developer support services for Soft IP developers and SoC integrators, targeted at SoC integration to be certified for particular applications. We help you evaluate, define and/or specify the details needed to build a high level of assurance

Brightsight - Telecommunication and Network

Telecommunication and network

SGS Brightsight is a market leader in this domain. We offer tailored solutions for your telecommunication and network devices (including access control, routers, switches, servers and firewall)