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    the latest security regulations and requirements

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    Join us during the live sessions:

    Oct 19 / 16:00 CET

    SGS Brightsight Sponsorship Presentation
    Oct 19 / 16:30 CET
    Security Technology Standards Matrix: A tool to understand global security requirements and simplify compliance
    Oct 20 / 15:30 CET

    Update on Integrated Secure Element Evaluation in SoC PP

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  • SGS Brightsight

    Brightsight is excited to announce that we're now part of the 

    SGS group of companies

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  • SGS Brightsight accredited to perform NESAS assessments

    The NESAS framework is a joint effort between 3GPP SA3 and GSMA, and also includes standard-based assessments for 5G security, which are part of the Security Assurance Specifications (SCAS)

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  • Developments in cybersecurity regulations

    The introduction of the CSA creates interesting topics for conversation in the areas of cybersecurity, regulations and the impact they have on the industry worldwide

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  • Brightsight: Eurosmart board member

    Brightsight has been elected as a board member of Eurosmart. We're proud to contribute to the Eurosmart association, representing the TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification) community.
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Our accreditations & schemes

As a laboratory accredited by more than 50 international schemes, SGS Brightsight offers efficient security evaluations by reusing results or combining evaluations where possible


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  • 3rd-party security evaluations for risk management
  • Evidence of security capabilities as a market differentiator

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  • Expertise from 50+ scheme accreditations and 500+ security projects annually
  • 35+ years of experience in security evaluations
  • 120+ security evaluators and 50+ setups
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