Who we are

Brightsight is the largest independent security evaluation lab in the world, with four labs worldwide: in the Netherlands (HQ), Spain, China and France.

What we do

Brightsight supports companies in getting their products ready and in compliance with the latest ​security regulations and requirements. With over 35 years of experience in evaluating IT products in different industries, we evaluate these products against requirements set by governmental and private schemes. Brightsight has been a Common Criteria and EMVCo hardware lab since 2002. We are uniquely positioned with our accreditations by multiple governmental Common Criteria schemes: CSA (Singapore), TSE (Turkey), NSCIB (the Netherlands), CCN (Spain) and SERTIT (Norway). Our quality management system is ISO 17025 certified. 

The schemes use our evaluation reports to issue product certificates stating that evaluated products comply with their requirements. A product certificate gives you access to the market you would like to serve with your product. 

Brightsight has a short evaluation and certification timeline to get your product to market in time. With our extensive list of accreditations, we can help you get multiple certifications with minimal additional costs. 

Our commitment

Our commitment is to perform the most efficient security evaluations, as time to market is essential. To conduct our evaluations, we have more than 50 lab setups in:

  • Side Channel Analysis
  • Perturbation Attacks
  • Reverse Engineering & Physical Attacks
  • IT Vulnerability Analysis

With more than 100 security evaluators in different countries, Brightsight has the capacity to complete over 500 security projects per year for over 100 customers worldwide. Our excellent relationships with 50 schemes result in:

  • Quick turnaround of results
  • Multiple certifications
  • Reusability of results

Work with Brightsight

  • ‌We balance the right level of security with time to market
  • We provide a transparent planning process to minimise any risks during your evaluation
  • We offer efficient security evaluations by reusing results or combining evaluations where possible
  • We support you in determining the right level of security for you, using our evaluation reports to support your use cases with a clear and measurable ROI
  • Our experts provide you with up-to-date information on market developments to further develop your capabilities in the areas of security technologies, regulations and standards