Brightsight opens a security evaluation lab in China, Beijing

published on April 12, 2017

Delft, 12th of April: Brightsight is proud to announce that they are expanding their business by opening a security lab in Beijing.

Brightsight has been evaluating for more than 30 years at their premises in Delft, the Netherlands. As Brightsight has been expanding their market share in Greater China the past years, the need for a local security lab grew.

Kai-Fan Chang, Director Business Development Greater China, says: “We are very proud to open our lab in Beijing, China. We believe that this business expansion is a great opportunity to work more interactive with our local customers located in Greater China, but simultaneously serve our international customers there.”

Brightsight China is a subordinate lab that is wholly owned by Brightsight. Brightsight China is accredited to perform formal CC evaluation under SERTIT and EMVCo IC, Platform and Applet evaluations. The opening of the China-lab is the first step of Brightsight’s international presence in the security evaluation industry.

Ernst Bovelander, CBO, says: “We are very happy that our international image is being recognised by the SERTIT and EMVCo. We look forward to perform projects from our China lab to serve SERTIT and EMVCo demands and to maintain our quality of the number one lab in the world.”

An advantage of having a lab locally is that it makes the commercial process between Brightsight and the customer in, especially mainland, China easier. Improving the commercial process will make the cooperation between Brightsight and the customers more efficient.

Brightsight China is also a step of Brightsight as preparation for the opening of the clearance market in China. They want to become a key factor in this process by supporting both the clearance companies and developers.

The long-lasting journey of Brightsight in Greater China has known a lot of successes during the years. Their journey with their latest success is shown in the image below.

Brightsight is looking forward to more successful years and would like to remain their position as the number one international security lab in Greater China.

 For more information about our services in Greater China, please contact our Director Business Development Greater China, Kai-Fan Chang:


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