Smart Card Security Course (three days)

published on October 25, 2016

Brief introduction

Smart cards are used in a wide variety of applications, including banking, public transportation, conditional door access, pay TV and passports. A security flaw in the implementation can have a huge impact, such as financial or reputational damage. Brightsight offers a three-day training course on all major techniques used in accessing the security of smart cards.

Course objectives

To form the basis of design of secure products. The most relevant topics will be explained in detail, including examples. The course is set up to establish a ‘common ground’ for all people involved in the evaluation process of the product.


  • Evaluation methodologies and how to get assurance of protection against threats;
  • Physical attacks;
  • Perturbation security threats (power and light manipulation);
  • Side-channel analysis;
  • Demo on differential power analysis;
  • Advanced side-channel attacks;
  • Software: potential vulnerabilities;
  • Software (choose: Java Card or exercise);
  • Random number generators;
  • Introduction to Host Card Emulation (?).


Training on Crypto can be given as an introduction to this course, if desired. The Crypto training includes the following topics: introduction to crypto, symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography and future cryptography. This pre-training course will take about one day.

The training will take about three days.

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Smart Card Security Course (three days)

Takes place on: Three days

Price per person: On request

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