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Product Security Evaluation Services for Industrial

Today, intelligence and open communication increasingly drive security. This is why security requirements are expected in various industrial environments:

  • Process Automation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart city
  • Smart building
  • Mobility systems

Attacks on critical infrastructure are real and security measures need to be taken into account in industrial networks. 

International standards offer a framework and common language for deploying and understanding security. Vendors can use their security evaluation to prove readiness for international standards, like 62443

SGS Brightsight offers different services related to product security evaluation under certification programmes like SESIP, PSA Certified, Common Criteria, 62443.

Guiding principles for implementing industrial security

  • Any regulation should refer to international standards and specifications
  • Frameworks or issuing of quality/security labels
  • International standards are the preferred means to demonstrate conformity with security requirements                       

IEC 62443, IACS, IIoT

IEC 62443 is the cybersecurity standard for Industrial Automation and Control Systems. Applicable to devices like IACS (Industrial Automation Control System), it is a global standard for industrial applications like Oil & Gas, Energy and Automotive. Asset owners, system integrators and device suppliers can differentiate their solutions via the IEC 62443 standards. These standards enable the entire ecosystem to work in a secure, integrated manner by certifying software, devices, processes and solutions.

Security services

Industrial Standards & Recognitions

ISA/IEC 62443

FIPS 140-2

FIPS 140-3