• Software-Based Security (SBS) 


Product Security Evaluation Services for Software-Based Security (SBS)

Software-based products cannot always rely on the security provided by the hardware. The running environment is assumed to be untrusted and open to all kinds of attacks. This is why software-based products implement techniques that assess, mitigate, and protect systems from vulnerabilities. These techniques vary from local security protection mechanisms to remote cloud-based monitoring systems. They ensure that the software continues to operate, secure and safe from attacks. Software has to endure a sometimes hostile, unpredictable environments.


SGS Brightsight performs security evaluations for software-based secure solutions and deployed (proprietary or third-party) security enhancement techniques. These evaluations determine the robustness of the software product against state-of-the-art attacks. 


SGS Brightsight has experience with various Software-Based Solutions (SBS) technologies, schemes and products.

Technologies & Products

  • TEE

  • Software Protection tools

  • DRM

  • Authentication and access control

  • Virtual Environments

  • QR-code

  • NFC
  • MPA (Mobile payment applications)

  • Tap on Phone Terminals (MasterCardVisa)

  • PIN on Consumer Device

  • SDK (Software Development Kits)

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