Local Resource Manager (LRM)

LRM is a part time job function, which is combined with other tasks e.g. (Senior) Project Management or the tasks of (Senior) Evaluator. The LRM reports to the Department Managers.


The LRM is central in assigning competent people in Projects for the entire of SGS Brightsight location in cooperation with the Local Resource Managers of BCN and other (future) SGS Brightsight locations. The LRM organises that needs of DM’s and PM’s are translated in an effective, efficient and smooth resource assignment process that supports the goals of SGS Brightsight. The LRM identifies shortage and surplus in SGS Brightsight capacity shortage and reports to this to appropriate DM, PM or GM.


  • Make decisions on resource assignment in Projects on behalf of PMs and DM’s where the PM’s cannot find suitable resources in the existing planning
  • Define the resource assignment process in cooperation with the Global Officer Resource Manager (GORM)

  • Define, implement and maintain an effective, efficient and smooth resource assignment process
  • The process:
    • realises the guidelines of DM’s
    • is aligned with the needs of PMs and GM’s
    • is aligned with the GORM
  • Keep an appreciated balance for all stakeholders between ‘being flexible’ and ‘strict’ and between ‘short-term’ and ‘long-term’ interests
  • Escalate in case of an unresolvable conflict between
  • PM’s to the internal contract owner(s) involved
  • GM’s to the DM(s) involved
  • DM’s to CTO or CEO


  • At least the following task are part of the function
  • Assign PM/LE combinations for Projects with a confirmed PO or on request of the DM
  • Assign a Project team on request of PM with competent evaluators, based on needed type of employee, total effort, start moment and related to critical Project milestones where the PM will provide a solid Project Plan (GANNT) and if possible with preferred resources
  • Arrange the assignment of a resource with training (on the job) in cooperation with GM and/or DM
  • Inform PM about options in case request not possible
  • Inform PM changes based on DM request (priority calls)
  • Inform DMs in case a assignment is conflicting with two or more DMs guidelines
  • Align closely with the LRM in other SGS Brightsight locations
  • Appropriate administration in IONBIZ
  • Ensure that is known to DMs whether everybody is working


Job requirements
We are looking for people with a bachelor, master or PhD in a technical direction (Electronics, Physics, IT, Mathematics) or a non-technical direction in combination with a strong interest and experience in a technical environment. A few years of experience in project coordination or project management is necessary. You are used to act in a technical environment and have experience in dealing with Project Management tools and (external) customers from different continents.


We offer:

  • Work which is a meaningful and inspiring experience
  • International environment, both colleagues and customer
  • We will invest in you, nourish you and value you
  • Collaborating with experienced, knowledgeable, experienced colleagues
  • A good work / life balance and a culture of respect and being successful