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Common Criteria Accreditations

  • NSCIB, Netherlands Scheme for Certification in the area of IT Security (The Netherlands)
  • SERTIT, Certification Authority for IT Security (Norway)
  • eIDAS, Electronic ID and Signature
  • Common.Secc
  • BSI, Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Germany)
  • TSE, Turkish Standards Institution (Turkey)
  • DTSec
  • FAST: FeliCa Approval for Security and Trust
  • CCRA
  • SOGIS: Evaluations of general IT security products up to EAL4, Evaluations of Hardware devices with security boxes up to EAL7, Evaluations of Smartcards and similar devices up to EAL7
  • Cyber Security Agency of Singapore
  • Mifare

Common Criteria Accreditations

Accreditations for secure smart card products

Accreditations for Payment Terminals and related devices

Accreditations for secure IT products