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International recruitment

We recruit internationally. There are two reasons for this: not only do we want the best people available, but we also believe it is useful to have all the nationalities in our company that we see at our international customers, too. With around 30 different nationalities, we can call ourselves a multicultural organisation where everyone shares one passion: security evaluation!

International recruitment is a bit different. Emigration leads to some challenges in addition to changing jobs. But we have a lot of experience in dealing with things like residence permits, language issues, the 30% rule (if applicable), schools and housing, so we can help you with all of that.

Our recruitment process is straight-forward. We usually start with a (technical) interview. This can be a video call or a face-to-face interview if you live nearby. In some cases, we will give you a short assignment to test your hacking skills and reporting talent. If the results of this step in the process are positive , we will arrange a second interview. We prefer this to be face to face, but we sometimes use video calling. A lab tour is usually included. If we both feel it's a good match, we will end the second interview by talking about your contract.
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After signing the contract, we start applying for you and your family’s residence permit. This process takes a few weeks and is paid by SGS Brightsight. Once the permit has been arranged, we will book a flight for you to come to our office. In Delft and in San Cugat, we have a house where you can stay for the first days or weeks. You might have to share it with colleagues, but you do not have to worry about your first weeks. People usually find a place to live within a few weeks.

In your first months at SGS Brightsight, you will complete a training programme with practical workshops and introductions to technical and methodological issues. We prefer to train small groups of new employees who start at the same time. A trainer will also be assigned to train you in your technical field and a colleague will be assigned to guide you in practical matters.

To help you integrate into your living environment, you (and your family) will follow classes to learn Dutch or Spanish.

Regular evaluation meetings with your group manager complete your first year at SGS Brightsight.