Internship at SGS Brightsight

Locations: Delft (The Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain) and Graz (Austria)

SGS Brightsight has a range of assignments that can be performed by students from institutions such as the Haagse Hogeschool, Eindhoven University and TU Delft. Examples of previous assignments are
  • Automation of evaluation tasks: develop a tool to be used in evaluations.
  • Beyond-specification test equipment: develop a device such as a card reader that enables beyond-specification testing.
  • Mobile phone data retrieval: develop a proof of concept (application) that can use internals to indirectly eavesdrop data entered.
  • Payment terminal attacks: proof of concept of hardware or software attacks, as well as of the combination.
  • Protocols: elaborate on publicly known protocols and assess the consequences for evaluation methods and tools.
  • Smart cards attacks: improve assessment methods in different domains for data that is retrieved in our measurements

For an internship we feel that the best assignments are those that you like and want to dive into. Therefore we’d like to find a match between your wishes and our opportunities.

SGS Brightsight evaluates the security of products: in many cases a combination of hardware and software. We assess the level of security based on international recognized standards. We work with financial companies such as MasterCard and VISA, certification bodies of governments and – of course – the developers/suppliers/manufacturers of security products. We also support our customers in understanding the security standards and the evaluation process.

SGS Brightsight is an evaluation lab fully dedicated to ICT security. With around 100 employees we are based in the Netherlands. We perform all types of security evaluations for our customers. Our colleagues have various technical backgrounds. The atmosphere is open, ambitious, multicultural and international. More than 85% of our customers are based outside the Netherlands and more than 50% of them are outside Europe, mostly in Asia. Our colleagues often have opportunities to travel. SGS Brightsight is growing continuously and fast.

We are looking for students in the fields of e.g. Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Technical Informatics and Mathematics. A hacker mentality is certainly welcome, as well as good English language skills.