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Product Security Evaluation Services for Soft IP

Security correctness is a challenge for hardware designers, software and application developers. At the same time, the market demands rapid development of secure products, cost effective, and greater visibility of security capability for compliance, liability and accountability purposes. That’s why security needs to start at the core, with a secure, trusted, third-party certified design: Soft IP.


Certifying secure Soft IP

  • Reduces time to market for high-security products, as the security is measured by design

  • Increases product security assurance, as the Soft IP is delivered "evaluation-ready"

  • Allows for better risk management due to proof of Soft IP integrity

  • Builds trust in Soft IP suppliers

  • Supports SoC developers in security offloading

  • Composition / allows for re-use in other security evaluations

SGS Brightsight services for Soft IP evaluation

In addition to Soft IP security evaluation, SGS Brightsight offers evaluation related developer support services for Soft IP developers and SoC integrators, targeted at SoC integration to be certified for particular applications. We can help you evaluate, define and/or specify the details needed to build a high level of assurance. 

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