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System-on-Chip (SoC) security evaluations 

Systems on Chip (SoCs) are the latest trend in the integration and miniaturisation of electronics. They are used in mobile phones, payment terminals, automotive systems, IoT devices and many other products. Because of the many shared resources on SoCs, their security implementation and its verification require special attention.


Brightsight has more than thirty-five years of experience working with Common Criteria for IC evaluations. This expertise is applied to SoC evaluations. Brightsight supports developers with the latest security requirements and guides them on what to expect during the security evaluation. This allows developers to already address any pitfalls that might have been found later in the evaluation process.


The guidelines for SoC security evaluation  are dictated by the JIL Hardware-related Attacks Subgroup (JHAS). JHAS requires developers to make dedicated samples for attack testing in order to identify potential product vulnerabilities. Making these kinds of samples can be an expensive undertaking. Brightsight has in-house capabilities for building and preparing dedicating samples, and saving SoC developers the effort of providing them and shortening certification timelines while reducing evaluation costs.


As an active JHAS member, Brightsight collaborated on shaping the requirements for Hard Macro integration. Brightsight applies this expertise in SoC security evaluations, helping developers understand the test requirements, minimising risk during the evaluation, and helping developers at a later stage by making it easy for them  to reuse the results of the evaluation. 


Brightsight has a proven track record of helping developers reach their time-to-market goals in various industries, including Payment, Embedded Systems, Telecommunications, Hardware IC and Soft IP.

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