PSA Certified is now available through SESIP Evaluation Methodology

11.02.21 12:05 PM By Brightsight

Delft, 11 February 2021. Brightsight, founding member of the PSA Certified and author of the first version of SESIP together with TrustCB, celebrates this important milestone. The PSA Certified Level 3 SESIP profile allows developers to perform security evaluations for the PSA-RoT as defined by the JSA PSA, using SESIP evaluation methodology.

Having the PSA Certified available through a SESIP evaluations helps semiconductor developers, proving evidence of the security functionality and the strength of that functionality, in a standardized, easy to understand manner by the PSA-RoT. For device developers, it allows them to simplify their understanding of the security capability provided by the RoT, and bring it in the context of their specific use cases for compliance, risk management and market differentiator. Read more

Certification of IoT devices is a time and cost-effective way to produce evidence for a growing number of security requirements. We have a solution for you and your customers, from individual components and standard configurations of a PSA-RoT, to full IoT devices.