Brightsight accredited as PCI 3DS SDK security evaluation lab

29.10.18 09:49 AM By Brightsight

Delft, 29 October 2018: We are pleased to announce that Brightsight has been accredited by PCI SSC to perform 3DS SDK security evaluations. 3DS (3-D Secure) is a protocol that was introduced about a decade ago by the various payment schemes. Its aim is to increase the security of Internet-based Card Not Present (CNP) transactions. The 3DS protocol facilitates a three-domain (acquirer, issuer, network) authentication mechanism to validate the authenticity of transactions. In 2015 the responsibility for the protocol standard was moved to EMVCo, which released an updated version 2.0 of the protocol standard in 2016. PCI developed a related 3DS security program enforcing security measures to protect Cardholder Data (CD) and other sensitive data elements that may be used in the 3DS protocol. With the 3DS SDK program, it should become simpler and easier to integrate 3DS in eCommerce applications. Brightsight has an impressive track record in security evaluations of products in the digital payment space, including products such as smart cards, Secure Elements, Software-Based Security and payment terminals. The PCI 3DS SDK accreditation is yet another addition to Brightsight’s portfolio of Software-Based Security (SBS) services. “We are very happy that PCI has approved us to perform 3DS SDK assessments”, says Dirk-Jan Out, CEO at Brightsight. “We’ve been working together with PCI for more than 10 years now. This approval provides added value to the broad portfolio of services we offer our customers.” Brightsight, known for their knowledge and expertise, has over 35 years of experience in security evaluations of electronic payment devices as well as many other types of IT products. In addition to security evaluations, including site audits, Brightsight offers training courses and pre-evaluation services. Working closely with the developer, Brightsight aims to increase security assurance while reducing time to market and costs. Brightsight HQ is located in Delft, the Netherlands. Since 2017, Brightsight also has labs in Beijing and Barcelona.  For more information, please contact