Huawei obtains first worldwide IC SoC certification

24.09.18 10:58 AM By Brightsight

Delft, 24 September 2018: Brightsight is proud to announce that the world’s first EMVCo IC certification based on integrated SE (Secure Element) in a state-of-the-art SoC was obtained by Huawei in August 2018, based on a Brightsight evaluation report. Huawei first introduced integrated SE in their Kirin 960 SoC, redefining the normal configuration of using embedded SEs in mobile phone products. Since then, Huawei has had the goal of getting a formal international security certification to prove that integrated SEs can achieve the same security level as smart cards or embedded SEs in mobile/wearable products. This is evidenced by the EMVCo IC certificate recently obtained by Huawei/HiSilicon inSE V500 in Kirin 980 SoC product. It is the first of its kind and shows that the payment industry can support new types of security solutions. Kai-Fan Chang, General Manager at Brightsight China, says: “We are very proud to have been at the basis of the first IC SoC approval. The quality of our services helped this approval to be successful, demonstrating Brightsight’s commitment to innovative solutions. Both Huawei and Brightsight have put much effort and preparation into reaching this goal by redefining the way security evaluation can be performed in record-breaking time without sacrificing security. We feel honoured that Huawei chose us to perform this evaluation and are very happy with our ongoing cooperation. We believe no other lab will be able to reproduce this achievement in the near future, as it requires both professionalism and sufficient lab resources.” Brightsight and Huawei have been working together on different types of IT devices for quite some years. Brightsight is pleased to have been selected by Huawei as their security laboratory. Brightsight congratulates Huawei on this important milestone and is looking forward to even more challenging and rewarding projects to redefine the industry. Brightsight, known for their knowledge and expertise, has over 35 years of experience in security evaluations of ICs and smart cards as well as many other types of IT products. In addition to security evaluations, including site audits, Brightsight offers training courses and pre-evaluation services. Working closely with the developer, Brightsight aims to increase security assurance while reducing time to market and costs. Brightsight HQ is located in Delft, the Netherlands. Since 2017, Brightsight also has labs in Beijing and Barcelona. For more information, please contact