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Bright Insight Podcast - S01 E02 - EU Cybersecurity Act

18.03.21 04:33 PM By Brightsight - Comment(s)
In this episode, we introduce and discuss the EU Cybersecurity Act. What is the Cybersecurity act? What is its impact on our lives as consumers as well as businesses? And what are the latest certification and evaluation requirements in the Cybersecurity framework?

´╗┐Brightsight realised first ever EAL4+ CC Certificate for Singaporean Scheme CSA

30.09.19 08:58 AM By Brightsight - Comment(s)

Brightsight is the first security lab that realised a level EAL4+ Common Criteria (CC) Certificate for the Singaporean Scheme CSA. After CSA received the official accreditation (authorizing status), Brightsight uniquely performed a successful evaluation on level EAL4+. The first CSA EAL4+ CC Ce...